Mrs. Lulu Pearl Kwakye

Mrs. Lulu Pearl Kwakye

Executive Director – Lulu Kwakye, Masters of Science in Nursing, Masters in Healthcare Administration, Bachelors in Business Administration. Lulu Kwakye is the Founder and Executive Director of Divine Gateway with extensive credentials and accolades in nursing leadership roles at Emory Healthcare and Grady Health System. Born in Ghana, Lulu has witnessed the challenges that fatherless children in that country experience and she has been through the arduous process of adopting children from her homeland. She launched the DGF, built a strong volunteer team, and has achieved steady progress since 2005. In 2020, Lulu shifted all of her time and energy to the Divine Gateway Foundation.

The year 2005 was a pivotal year in my life with 3 monumental events! My career accelerated when I joined Emory Healthcare in Atlanta as a Staff Nurse. I started proceedings to adopt two children from Ghana. A profound dream revealed plans for me to form and build an international community-based foster care foundation with the first location in Ghana, my homeland.

For over 15 years I have traveled these 3 paths simultaneously with a significant commitment to my children, mounting career achievements, and steady growth in what has come to be known as the Divine Gateway Foundation. In 2020, with my children grown and thriving, I left the healthcare field to focus full-time on this noble endeavor. My vision is to transform the stark realities of many orphanages into nurturing home environments and educational communities—divine gateways to a new life that blossoms with possibilities.

Below are some of my professional achievements and qualifications which have molded and positioned me for success in this next chapter of my life journey:

1999 BBA, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA

2003 Associate in Nursing, Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College, Tifton, GA

2004 First RN position—South Georgia Medical Center, Valdosta, GA

2005 Joined Emory Healthcare, Atlanta, GA

2010-2013 Masters Science in Nursing degree, Masters in Healthcare Administration, University of Phoenix

2013 Promoted to Shift Nurse Manager in the ICU at Emory Healthcare

2015 Started a project with the team called, “Foley-Free” zone in an attempt to eradicate the urethral catheter-associated urinary tract infections in the hospital.

2016 Won 3 awards for the “Foley-Free” zone project

 – Southeast Critical Care Summit – 3rd place

 – Georgia Hospitals Association – 3rd place

2017 Joined Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia, as a Clinical Staff Manager in the Medical Intensive Care Unit

 – Won Employee of the Month, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Grady Memorial Hospital

 – Won award for Top Nurse Leader by The International Nurses Association

 – An attribute by the International Nurses Association on YouTube

2018 Finalist, Academy Award for Nursing Excellence and Outstanding Contributions to Nursing Leadership, Grady Memorial Hospital