My name is Michelle

My name is Michelle and I am a student at the O. School. I am writing to you about your company, Coca Cola, to support the Divine Gateway Foundation orphanage home in taking care of at-risk orphan children. The Divine Gateway Foundation Inc. is a not- for profit organization that takes care of at-risk orphan children in Ghana. The Divine Gateway Foundation Inc., provides education among other necessities to the children. There are head start, preschool, kindergarten, childcare, learning center, elementary, middle and high school programs for the children. The curricula, programs and services offered are individualized to cater to the different educational needs of the children; charter or Magnet programs, special needs program, and advanced placement programs. There is 24 hour counseling services available to the children. There are adoption resources and services available to the people with the heart for adoption for these little angels. The children’s ages range from newborns to twelve years old. Taking care of these orphans are the responsibilities of everyone in the society. With the proper tools in place to support and nurture our children, we can make a difference in each child’s life.

The Divine Gateway Foundation was founded by my mother and she is currently taking care of about 15 at-risk orphaned children in a temporary rented home. There are lots of at-risk orphan children in Ghana and in the world. My mother always asks herself about how best she can make a difference in the world. Her answers are: (1) it takes a village to raise a child and (2) “You shall not mistreat any widow or fatherless child” (Exodus 22:22). There are currently about 30 donors and 35 volunteers and support teams that make it possible to care for our at-risk orphan children; thank you for your support!

There are about 140 million children in the world who are orphans with 15.1 millions have lost both parents. Also, about 66 million children go to school hungry in the developing countries including Ghana. Out of the 66 million children, 23 million of them are children found in Africa ( The orphanage home has volunteer leaders and donors who currently help to take care of the children. The Divine Gateway Foundation provides everything the orphan children need. It provides a home, school, healthcare, clothes, food, mentors, daycare, playground, counselors, and other basic things for the children. Your support will help to take care of more of the at-risk orphan children. I will be pleased to meet with you to talk about the projects that are being done for the children in the Divine gateway home to make them better people in the communities.


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