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The Divine Gateway Foundation Inc. rescues, hosts, feeds, educates, nurtures, and provides free of charge safety hostel for at-risk orphaned, poor, destitute and homeless children of our community

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Our Highest Ambition is to Protect at-risk Children

At risk children and youth are globally considered as one of the most vulnerable populations. The United Nations Centre for Human Settlement (2007) defines at risk children as any individual below the age of 18 for who are inadequately protected and supervised by responsible adults (UNCHS, 2007). According to Oduro (2012), this lack of supervision, love. Control and protection contribute to them lacking basic human needs such as access to food, education and basic health care (Oduro, 2012). It is against this backdrop of the vulnerability of at risk orphans and children that the Divine Gateway Foundation was established. What compounds the already difficult situation worse is that these at-risk orphans are seen as a societal burden and not necessarily in need of protection, care and love (Quarshie 2011). Divine Gateway Foundation, is a safe and warm family oriented free of charge hostel that hosts destitute and at-risk orphans and poor homeless children in our community. Divine Gateway Foundation’s services and programs offered to underprivileged children include but are not limited to free safe housing, free education, clean potable water, balanced diet, recreation, healthcare, health care, vocational training and more. According to the United Nations, in sustainable development goal 2 which focuses on hunger; three quarters of all the children in the world who suffer from hunger and malnutrition are found in Sub Saharan Africa (UN, 2021). Asuman et, al. (2020) suggest that Early childhood health and nutrition are important for growth, development, and adult life outcomes. As such, Divine Gateway Foundation works tirelessly to stop the cycle of poverty, stop child abuse, control childhood disease and mortality and provide an avenue for the general wellbeing of children.


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at-risk orphaned children

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We’re Helping At-Risk Orphaned Children around the World

  • Healthy Food

    Millions of orphaned children in Ghana do not have enough food to eat, so we're working to feed the hungry children.

  • Clean Water

    Our goal is to supply clean and healthy water to our community for children and families who cannot access to safe water.

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